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At VFA, we offer various online vegan nutrition and fitness coaching programs and resources to help you thrive no matter where you are at in your vegan journey. 

  • VFA8WT – Vegan Fitness Academy 8 Week Transformation Program 
  • 30 Day Quick Shred
  • eBooks to assist you on your Vegan Journey

‘ VFA8WT – Vegan Fitness Academy 8 Week Transformation Program’ will help you achieve your goals, be more educated, feel energetic, lighter and more positive.

The featured VFA8WT – Vegan Fitness Academy 8 Week Transformation Program includes:

  • A Vegan Fitness Academy personalised meal & macro plan written by Davina
  • A personalised training & cardio program designed by Davina
  • Direct email access to Davina for personal 1on1 support
  • Facebook private group access
  • Shopping lists, meal plans and more!
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How to go Vegan – The Essential Beginners Guide

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“Davina opened my eyes to a different way of thinking about what I consume and how it not only impacts my body, but the world.”

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