Boxing for Cardio

Cardio can be boring. But, then again, that all depends on the type of cardio you choose to do.

Boxing is my cardio of choice. Boxing requires mental input as well as physical input. 

I have been boxing for years and the health benefits on top of the cardio vascular benefits are incredible.

The include:


  • Improved Total-Body Strength

          Boxing requires total body movements. It’s quite common in boxing sessions to punch the bag 100 times, multiple times. You really do engage most of the muscles in your body, which makes boxing a mean total workout!


  • Better Hand-Eye Coordination

           Hand/Eye co-ordination is an important skill to develop. Not only in the ring, but in day to day activities. It’s important for things like marital arts, sports, but also very handy in our daily lives. For example a solid hand-eye co-ordination while driving can come in extremely handy.


  • Decreased Stress
    Imagine hitting the pads after a stressful day dealing with your day to day matters. You will come out of a boxing sesh feeling worked and satisfied, that the matters of your day feel that much smaller.


  • Improved Body Composition

           Boxing uses many muscles and combines muscle-building strength training moves and calorie-torching bouts of cardio. It’s high intensity and although nutrition is always very important with weight loss and sculpting, boxing, you’re bound to shred.           

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