Create an Unbreakable Morning Routine

Mornings are the most valuable part of the day. It sets the scene for the rest of the day.

It’s another chance to be a better version of ourselves. A strong start to the day = a strong day. Everyday choose to start off strong. Everyday choose to be a better person.

I have a solid morning routine that I stick with. It’s a non-negotiable in my life. And here’s how it looks:

  • 3:45am – I wake up
  • Give thanks: for life, for this day, the opportunity of life
  • I spend a few minutes focusing on my breathing, refer to my ‘breathing’ blog for more detail)
  • I drink 600ml water to kick start my organs
  • I say an affirmation to motivate me. Here’s what I’m currently using (this changes from time to time) ‘I am strong, whole, complete, perfect. I add values to the lives around me’
  • 4-6am – I train at the gym (this includes rehab for my back, as I had a car accident in 2018, which has dramatically interfered with my life, I need to use my time for rehab, if I don’t I feel pain and un-comfort in my body) The first 30mins of my training, I listen to motivational podcasts (link below)
  • 6:15am Shower + brekky 
  • 6:45am I meditate. Yes only 10 mins, that’s all I can handle at the moment, as I have just started on this journey and my philosophy is consistency over intensity. This 10mins will grow in time.
  • 7am – I start work

Now, I am not saying that you need to wake up before 4am and follow a routine such as mine, I wrote this out to show an example. You can build your mornings as you desire and what works for you. 

Here is my motivational podcast I listen to, check it out on Spotify:

Own your morning. Schedule that time. It’s more important than anything. If you know you can be more, then you need to commit to being more. You won’t lose. You will win or you will learn.

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