Davina and her coaching has been an inspirational, eye opening learning experience. Training as a new vegan was almost like starting training all over again in terms of not knowing what to do or expect.

For example, I wasn’t sure how much energy I would have or be able to maintain to reach my health and fitness goals, I thought I might be low on energy from having such a big lifestyle change. It turned out the opposite, I was way more energetic than ever before. I was shocked and happy!! Through turning vegan, I’ve found to have lots more energy. I’m happier and not bloated at all. I am able to build muscle quicker than ever before and I am finally enjoying cooking and clean eating. Turning vegan has dramatically transformed my life. I feel more energetic and am sleeping much better.
It is something that I am proud of and I feel like I am making a difference in the world and am stoked to be spreading information about veganism amongst friends, family and colleagues. Most of them have many misconceptions about adopting a vegan lifestyle, however, I have even inspired some friends to eat less meat and introduced them to vegan meals that they enjoy without knowing they are vegan. I have even managed to get more vegan food on menu at work.
Thank you Davina.

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