Davina made it so easy to make the transition to veganism.

She opened my eyes to a different way of thinking about what I consume and how it not only impacts my body, but the world. When I first came to Davina, I was looking for a simple training plan only, but our time together proved to be life-changing for me. Her dedication, knowledge and expertise led me to losing 25kgs+ and competing in my first body building competition. I found Davina to be very attentive and contactable, any doubt I had in myself, she made it easy to overcome as she offered me reassurance whenever I needed. Since then I have moderated my lifestyle and continue to be a strong, healthy vegan. I would highly recommend Davina to anyone looking at changing their lifestyle to become a vegan. Weather you’re wanting to drop body fat, change your body composition or to just become a healthier, stronger version of yourself.

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