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    I agree and understand that during and after participating in coaching from Vegan Fitness Academy. I understand that Vegan Fitness Academy provides no guarantee or assurances that through nutrition counselling. I assume all responsibility and any risks associated with the nutritional choices that I make. I agree to hold Vegan Fitness Academy and its counsellors harmless and release them from any liabilities associated with recommendations and information given by them to me relating to dietary changes or nutritional supplements. I specifically recognize and agree that I have been advised by Vegan Fitness Academy that dietary changes and/or the taking of nutritional supplements may have differing effects on individuals. I understand that with respect to changes in my diet or in my nutritional practices it is recommended that I consult with my physician. I understand that the nutritional counselling provided is not considered to be medical advice and that I am encouraged to continue to pursue medical care with my health care provider.

    Having read and understood the above statements and having had the opportunity to ask questions regarding the meaning and effect of this Waiver and Release of Liability, Privacy Practices & Payment Terms & Policy, my signing is voluntary.

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