Vitamin C – A Secret Healer


Can Vitamin C reverse type 2 diabetes?

These studies seem to think so. I don’t believe most of what I see in the media, but on this occasion, the studies have come from reputable sources. The Deakin University study, published in the Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism journal.


I don’t watch the news, ever. For the most part, I’m quite satisfied with my decision; not seeing doom and gloom each day. Each to their own, but personally, I choose to fill my mind with constructive and positive messages, not that of which come from watching the news. The only time this has gone against me, is the time I drive my car from Melbourne to Noosa. I did this drive alone, as I relocated my life 3 years ago.


I left Melbourne at 4am with the intention of hitting ventral NSW 8 hours later. Once I’d passed the border from Victoria to NSW, I soon found out that NSW had been flooding. This led me to a number of detours. Now, detours in the country and much longer than the detours in the city, or suburbia. My drive went from an 8 hour manageable cruise, to a 12 hour stressful venture of massive puddles, detours, country folk that had no idea of they own WIFI password and a bird that flew directly into my windscreen, but that’s another story.


Back to Vitamin C. I recommend this vitamin to anyone who is suffering from colds/flu to infection. I recommend the Vitamin C powder, as opposed to the tablets, as I find it to be a quicker release into the bloodstream.


What is Vitamin C and how does it help humans? Let’s start here: At a high level, on a cellular level,


Check out the video for info on Vitamin C for type 2 diabetes and a related article for more info on Vitamin C powder as a general healer. Deakin University, Melbourne:


A link to an article that lists a few of the benefits of Vitamin C:

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